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                  Digital Industrialization

                  Integration of the two management systems
                   Introduction to the integrated management system of the two

                  The integration of information technology and industrialization is called "integration of the two". The integration of the two is led by the ministry of industry and information technology of the state, which is produced by manufacturing enterprises to conform to the development trend of "industrialization" and "informatization".

                  Miit in the informatization and industrialization depth fusion initiative (2013-2018), "officially launched the" two standards of integration management system construction and promote action ", "management system" is proposed to guide and promote our country enterprise of two comprehensive integration work.

                  The "two-oriented integrated management system" USES the PDCA process method to build "new capability" and gain "sustainable competitive advantage", so as to improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises. The "two-oriented integrated management system" covers all the activities of the organization and changes dynamically with the strategic adjustment of the organization and the change of internal and external environment. At the same time, the compatibility with other management systems is also fully considered. "Two combination" using the rapid development of information technology, optimize the enterprise research and development, production, sales and management of each link, help enterprises to improve the research and development ability, reduce cost, improve quality, rapid response to customers and assist business decisions.

                  The significance of establishing a management system of integration of two systems

                  1. Three synergies

                  Value chain based business collaboration

                  Internal coordination of business and management

                  Supply chain coordination based on customer and supplier

                  2. Four major improvements

                  Improve the market competitiveness under the optimal allocation of resources

                  Business flow-oriented management efficiency improvement

                  Improve the efficiency of supply chain system under information system integration

                  The innovation ability of digitization and intelligence is improved

                  3. Six major abilities

                  Ability to develop and innovate

                  Production control ability

                  Supply chain management skills

                  Financial control ability

                  Management control ability

                  User service capabilities

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