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    IT service

    Currently, the information technology has penetrated into all areas of people`s lives. With a large number of hardware and software systems putting into use, the complexity and the importance of the system put forward higher and more stringent requirements for the continuous and stable operation of the system. The IT service maintenance and management method that entirely depends on the personal quality and level of technical personnel has become unfit for the increasingly complex information system and the rapid expansion of information resources and is increasingly unable to meet the needs of business. This has prompted enterprises to take effective measures to standardize the management of information technology services. ISO/IEC 20000 provides enterprises with a set of effective, customer-centered IT service self-perfection management system. As a summary of the best practices of processes, ISO/IEC 20000 can be applied to organizations of different scales, types and structures.

    Certification significance:

    a. To improve usability, reliability and security of IT services;
    b. To provide an effective channel for the quantification and assessment of IT services;
    c. To establish a standardized service process and improve the efficiency of information technology services and operation;
    d. To effectively and efficiently integrate and utilize IT resources such as information, infrastructure, applications and personnel;
    e. To establish a continuously improving service management mechanism, quickly respond to market demand and provide customer satisfaction;
    f. To keep up with the international benchmark and improve the overall level of service;
    g. To control IT risk and related costs, improve and control IT service quality and reduce long-term service cost.    

    Large Classification

    Middle Classification



    01 Planning and design service


    Information system consulting planning

    Information systems consulting and planning service.


    Information system software design and development service

    Software design and development service.


    Information technology consulting service

    Hardware or software use consulting and training service.

    03 Test and supervision service


    Information system test service

    Test service that verifies whether the information system is consistent  with requirements.


    Software product testing service

    Test service that verifies whether the software products are consistent  with requirements.


    Information system engineering supervision

    Supervision service for information system engineering.


    Software engineering supervision service

    Supervision service for software development.

    04Operation and maintenance service


    Infrastructure operation and maintenance service

    Operation and maintenance service of power, air conditioning, fire protection,  security, network and other facilities in the computer room.


    Hardware operation and maintenance service

    Condition monitoring, fault treatment, performance optimization and  other related maintenance services of computer and external equipment,  network equipment, audio and video equipment, automation control equipment  and other hardware and equipment controlled by information technology.


    Software operation and maintenance service

    Basic software and application software installation, upgrade,  troubleshooting, virus protection and other maintenance services.

    06Business process service


    E-commerce support service

    Support and management service for e-commerce activities.


    Software operation service

    Service that provides software functionality over the network.


    Data processing

    Service of processing and applying information contents like pictures,  characters, images and voices by digital technology.


    Call center / reception desk service

    Call center service.

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